NUVOH20 Reviews

Salt Free Water Softener

Heard Of Any NUVOH20 Complaints?

Complaints about products can be easily found online – and it is very important to find out if there any complaints about products you want to buy, lest you also experience these problems first hand.

One such product would be NUVOH20, which claims to soften water using citric acid rather than sodium. It is something to note if you find any NUVOH20 complaints online since this product costs quite a bit, and will affect the water that you use to wash your dishes, take a bath in, or water the plants with.

It can also affect your plumbing, which may lead to additional costs to clean out mineral deposits or even costs of repair if the product simply damages your plumbing and fixtures rather than help maintain them.

Some complaints about NUVOH20

Before we get into the complaints, to be fair, there are still many good points about the product. The product has worked for many of its customers, being able to lessen calcium build up by treating the hard water, as it wishes to do, and making it softer, without using salt.

Many customers testify that their water tastes and feels better, with less residue. It requires minimal plumbing skills to install, no electricity or maintenance, and should you need assistance anyway, they also provide excellent customer service, being very quick to respond to customer concerns as well as refunding customers who opted to apply for the ninety day money back guarantee due to dissatisfaction with the product. They even go so far as to answer complaints or negative reviews found on different sites online.

However, there are still some complaints found online. Some complain that the product just did not work for them, as it does not take out the calcium and other minerals dissolved in the hard water, despite the customer service and concern.

Others maintain that the company is downright lying – hard water cannot be softened unless the system uses sodium, and thus the product is not really softening the water but only conditioning it.

While the science behind it is being disputed, there are still many satisfied customers, with some dissatisfied customers as well. Since it is a relatively new technology, it may be good to be cautious and read more reviews about the product before buying it.

However, their ninety day money back guarantee practically makes buying it financially risk free, and it also gives us an idea of how confident they are about their product.

You need to weigh these bits of information as well as the NUVOH20 complaints found online before you purchase your own, so that you can be assured that you can have peace of mind once you do.

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