NUVOH20 Reviews

Salt Free Water Softener

Looking Into nuvoH2O Reviews

Always had a problem with “hard water”? Bad plumbing, hard-to-remove spots on dishes, mirrors, glass fixtures? Well, look no more for a solution since nuvoH2O reviews have shown it to be the Water Softener System that will soften your water and give you an abundant supply of clean and fresh water at an affordable price.

Why nuvoH2O?

The nuvoH2O Water Softener System is also easy to install as its cartridge will attach easily to your water supply due to nuvoH2O’s CitraCharge Cell Technology which is powered by citric acid. This technology allows your nuvoH2O to break the bonds of scale molecules that may attack your plumbing system and appliances. This citric acid-powered cartridge guarantees you will never buy salt again as long as you have the nuvoH2O cartridge that only takes 60 seconds to take effect, and last six months.

As mentioned, nuvoH2O is also made available to you in a cost-effective way as it uses up to four times less water than other water softener systems and requires no electricity. It is also space-saving as it starts at 5″ X 14″ and does not eat up a large space in your home. As it breaks the bonds of potentially harming agents that make your water hard and destroy your appliances, nuvoH2O extends the life of your water-based appliances and makes them last longer.

nuvoH2O is citric acid-powered, and as such does not use salt so you will no longer have slimy shower water leaving you fresher and cleaner after every bath. Also, since nuvoH2O does not require any electricity, it is an eco-friendly product as well since it is also comprised of recycle-friendly materials.

Installing the nuvoH2O Water Softener System

Installing the nuvoH2O Water Softener System is not a tedious process, as many homeowners can do this themselves. Only a few additional parts are needed, and installing the nuvoH2O takes less than an hour to finish, depending on the pipe configuration found in your home.

The nuvoH2O is installation-friendly as it does not contain any drains, required no electricity, and has no calibration. There is also no need for any additional plumbing has nuvoH2O will not change the taste of your water since it is approved by the FDA and is safe for drinking.

There is also a built-in bypass in the nuvoH2O which allows you to replace the cartridge when its 6-month shelf life is up. This built-in bypass only requires you to simply mount the nuvoH2O softener on the main water line, making your future cartridge replacements hassle-free and quick.

Overall, nuvoH2O reviews have shown this product to be a safe, reliable, and effective means to get softer water and extend the life of your water-based appliances and water-based fixtures at home! If you’re tired of hard water and short-lived appliances and stained home fixtures, then look no more. The nuvoH2O Water Softener System is for you.

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